Zehra Kuz, Undergraduate Architecture
Robert Langhorn, Industrial Design
Melissa Cicetti, Interior Design

Tom Hanrahan, Dean, Undergraduate Architecture
William J. Schmitz, Director of Institute Safety and Security
Glenn GordonDirector of the Office of Facilities Management

Kathy Dunne, Undergraduate ArchitectureStructural Engineering
Sarah Strauss, Interior Design, Ceiling Pattern
Stephen Hoerner, Interior Design, Lighting
Paulina GantchevaInterior Design, Rendering

Studio Participants
Seo Yoon Kang
Marta Kurpiewski
Jia Rong Zhu
Julia Lee
Frank Scaparro
Matte Nyberg
Joanna Wenal
Hawley Braswell
Evan Frenkel
Gia Hyun Bae
Mariska Driessen
Yoomi Miyahira
Bianca Recchia
Hannah Song
Yakira Valerio
Bora Yeon

Daniel Pena
Eugene Lubomir
Sarena Rabinowitz
Jennifer Villamar
Jia Rong Zhu

B&B Sheet Metal Associates
Gretchen Cobb, Director of Design
Michael Parnase, Design Associate


ZERO International: They are based in Bronx, N.Y.; the majority of their production for weather stripping and specialty door hinges are manufactured locally. Elias Wexler, who is an engineer and the CEO of the company is directly involved with the design and development of their product line. link

B&B SHEET METAL Inc.: B&B is a local company; in fact they are in Long Island City; less than 15 minutes away from Pratt. Their product line is versatile; it ranges from metal roofing, built-in gutter, and skylight in any size or shape. In addition, their sister company makes metal framing. Gretchen Cobb is our contact person and a Pratt Alumni. link

TRESPA North America: European origin, Trespa is a leader in development, production and delivery of high-pressure laminate panels for exterior cladding (rain-screen) as well as other decorative panels. They are anxious to define the extent of their responsibilities in order to guarantee the quality of the end-product… Therefore they are willing to participate directly during the construction/production phase as well. link

The INDAK Group: The company designs and manufactures LED Lighting, Assemblies, Control Modules, Electronic Circuit Boards, Outdoor Power, etc… (EMerge, a department of INDAK, designs and provides a system called “Standard”, which enables AC conversion to DC or just designs systems with DC power which then draws the power directly from solar panels or wind turbines, etc… With the “standard” one could take these guard booths off the grid. link

HAFELE America: is known for Hardware Technology. After several generations developing and manufacturing hardware, they expanded their production line through including other manufacturer’s series for cabinetry and architectural applications. link 

ARISTA Air Conditioning Corp: is a recognized industry leader in air conditioning and heating sales, service and maintenance in the New York tri-state region and growing in the Northeast corridor. We continue to strive to be the best in everything we do. Arista is a family owned business with over 50 years of industry-leading service.link

ABCO HVACR Supply & Solutions:



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